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Written with Fair Trade electrons

Jan 17, 2023 (Tue)

6:30 am Point Hudson

We wake to the dulcet tones of a barge unloading very large boulders. Part of this process involves the “beep beep beep” of trucks backing up. While we are very impressed with their industriousness, we are less impressed with their timing.

Over the next two days, we figure out that the boulders are very big, rock-colored, and get transferred from the barge to someplace on the ground where another scooper thing (technical term—it looks like the Tonka toy with the shovel scoop only the crane is about 50 feet tall) picks up the boulders and moves them someplace else.

Where? Maybe the back of a truck. Maybe into the water. It is accompanied by lots of booms.

Our early morning alarm clock

This might help explain why we are the only campers in these 30-some spots…

11:00 am

While Gini works at recuperating on the couch in Harvey (surprisingly comfortable), Robert decides to take a stroll to the nearest grocery store. We need a couple of things, most importantly, cream for coffee!

This is one of the drawbacks to an RV versus a trailer—if you want to go anywhere, you have to stow everything. Trailers can just be left behind while the towing vehicle zooms away to get supplies. Right now, it would take longer to get everything stowed in Harvey than it would to walk to the store (about 30 minutes each way).

Also, Gini would not appreciate her sick bed being turned into a bouncy house ride.

Gini enjoying a slack day in Harvey

When Robert arrives, he discovers this is one of those Environmentally Friendly stores where there’s only one brand of tissues sold (made from sustainably harvested fair trade bamboo). They have a pretty good liquor section (sustainably harvested fair trade yeast).

Batteries, however, are kept behind the counter and you have to ask for them. No word on if they are Fair Trade batteries.

1:00 pm

Uh oh.

We’ve forgotten where some stuff is in Harvey after four months. Robert discovers an entire stash of towels in a cupboard next to the bottom of the refrigerator. Woo hoo! They are, however, soaked.

Leaks are the bane of the RV owner’s existence. Is it a leak? Did something spill? Where is the leak coming from? How fast is the mold growing in the walls?

In any event, we have a bunch of soggy towels, it’s 40° and raining outside, and it’s time to find the laundry room.

Yay, they have one here. Boo, it only takes quarters. (When we kept running into this in the Yukon, we just figured credit card technology was slow to reach the frozen north. But this is America, darnit! The Constitution guarantees our right to go into credit card debt to have clean clothes!)

1:30 pm

While Robert is watching the clothes go ‘round and ‘round in the washer, Gini calls him.

“There’s something going beep, beep, beep,” she says.

“Yes, that’s the construction,” he replies.

“It’s coming from inside Harvey,” says Gini.

“Have you checked for construction equipment?” replies Robert, apparently eager to sleep on the floor tonight. “See if you can figure out where it’s coming from.”

1:45 pm

“It’s coming from the CO/Propane detector,” says Gini.

“Hmm, well, don’t breathe for a while. Also, open the door and turn on all the fans,” Robert says helpfully.

2:00 pm

Robert returns to Harvey (after waiting for the wash to finish and putting the clothes in the dryer, as he doesn’t want them to get moldy).

Gini is still conscious, so it can’t have been too serious. Robert pushes Reset on the alarm and it quiets down and silence returns to Harvey.

We don’t know what it was or why, but it’s sure a good thing we have that alarm!

5:00 pm

The winds have picked up. Specifically, they’ve picked up to a steady 20 mph breeze and there is only a pile of driftwood between us and the Salish Sea. Harvey rocks gently back and forth, but doesn’t seem inclined to topple over. Good thing, as we’re not inclined to move…

Wed, Jan 18

After being gently rocked asleep by the Force 5 winds (“Fresh Breeze” on the Beaufort scale), we awaken to more rain.

Snugger inside than out!

Which inclines us to stay inside, lounge around and read.

Gini is reading Princess Elizabeth’s Spy.

Robert’s book is The Eye of the World (book one of a 15-book series).

This takes all day. At the end of the day, Gini gets dressed (feeling better!) and we walk the 50 yards to a bar where Robert drinks Hot Buttered Rum (yo ho ho!) and Gini gets a to-go order of onion soup.

There might be better days we’ve had, but it’d be hard to top this one.

Gini & Robert

Harvey Staff

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