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About Travels With Harvey

We are Robert and Gini, a couple of old, retired folks. We got married three months before the world shut down--so the first two years of our marriage has been spent in close confines without killing each other! So we figure we're ready for an RV.

In January of 2022, as the country slowly emerged from the Omicron wave of the Coronavirus, we decided to buy an RV (used) and head out to explore the US. Well, not all of it at first. We think we’ll start out slowly and begin by exploring our home state of Washington.


You would be hard-pressed to find two people who know less about RV’s than we do. Gini’s Mom had an RV that she rode in once back in the 1980’s. Robert rented a huge RV back in 2000 for two weeks, but spent half that time parked at friend’s houses and motel rooms.


So we’re pretty green and we’re inviting you to join us in our journey of discovery—both of the country and how to make an RV comfy and functional.


We hope it goes well!

About Harvey

Harvey? Who the heck is Harvey?

Harvey is our RV (nice rhythm, huh?). We were going to find a deep meaningful name—perhaps a Native American name, since Harvey is a Chinook Concourse. Something elegant and refined. Clever and insightful.


Instead, Siri named him (and assigned his sex at the same time!). When we asked Siri to "Create list of items for the RV," Siri said, "Created list of items for Harvey." 


Turns out “RV” sounds like “Harvey“ to Siri and by the time you add in the 1944 play by Mary Chase—well, the name stuck. For the literary out there, you might remember John Steinbecks Travels with Charley (we do!). Seems perfect doesn't it? 

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Harvey Features!

Comfort & Livability

  • Front and side overhead storage space with interior lighting

  • Wardrobe with cedar lining

  • Day/night fabric shades

  • Couch and chairs that turn into a bed

  • Deluxe Oak cabinetry with raised panel doors

  • Overhead fluorescent lighting


Kitchen Features

  • 3-way (110/12V/LPG)

  • Double-door flush-mount refrigerator

  • Three-burner propane cook top

  • Recirculating power range hood with light

  • Three hardwood drawers with deluxe roller slides

  • Tip-out sink storage

  • Hardwood spice rack



  • Fiberglass shower

  • Medicine cabinet

  • Recessed sink

  • Marine-style china toilet

  • Power roof vent with light

  • Water-saver shower head


Convenience & Safety

  • Lighted entrance grab-handle

  • Entrance door with window, screen door, and deadbolt lock

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Smoke detector

  • LP gas detector

  • Hardwood magazine rack

  • Towel racks

  • Molded fiberglass overhead console

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Harvey kitchen--annotated.jpg
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