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We see a boat!

Jan 19, 2023 (Thu)

7:30 am Point Hudson

Our faithful beeping alarm clock of heavy equipment coupled with large rumbles of boulders serves to wake us up again.

Fortunately, we’re able to roll over and ignore it.

The rest of the day is spent reading and resting as Gini promises that “tomorrow I’m going to get better!”

Jan 20, 2023 (Fri)

7:40 am

Our alarm clock has vanished! The entire barge is gone, leaving in its place a pile of rocks boulders. Because it’s gone, we sleep in ten minutes! Then we’re up and ready to seize the day.

10:00 am We see a boat!

Our version of carping the diem involves drinking coffee and staring a lot. As a result, we notice right away that there’s a huge, military-looking boat going by! We ask Google what it is, and it says it’s a “cutter,” but it has a big gun on the front and we’re not sure cutters have big guns.

A boat that Google says is a “cutter” (or maybe that was “cuter”?)

In any event, after it gets even with us, it turns around and goes back. Maybe they forgot the bullets for their gun? As taxpayers, we think they should have a checklist to avoid this kind of thing. Of course, we also don’t want them to hear “click” when they’re shooting at bad guys, so we’re glad they went back.

11:30 am Shower time!

Harvey has a shower, which wasn’t used on the Great Yukon Trip, because we thought the drain was plugged. The folks at the RV Spa said, “It works fine, it’s just a bit slow.” They might have been referring to the drain, or us, but we’ll assume they meant the drain.

All it takes for Robert to jump into the shower is finding our that they charge for showers, here! A quarter for 90 minutes.

So he climbs into the bathroom shower. Which is the same as going into the bathroom: Harvey has what’s called a “wet bathroom,” meaning that when you take a shower, everything gets wet. The sink, the toilet, any towels you thoughtlessly hung on the door (oh, and remember to close the door!).

The water is plenty hot, although the shower is a bit cramped—“It’s fine as long as you don’t need to bend over!” and when the water covers your feet, you know you’re done.

One advantage to getting older is that you can always think of a worse time, and the shower is no exception.

“Ah, this is way better than taking a shower in Juarez, Mexico, where crooks kept stealing the hot water pipes and you stood in the cold water wondering when it would heat up,” says Robert. Gini’s nose is very glad that Robert had a cleansing experience.

2:00 pm A stroll on a sunny day

Gini is feeling marginally better, so we decide not to waste the insanely gorgeous day that has developed. What was forecast to be cloudy and drizzly has turned into sunny and clear.

Here’s the pile of rocks boulders that the barge left behind.

Here’s Robert blinking at the unexpected sunshine

Harvey, the Salish Sea, and Mt. Baker (we’re pretty sure)

Jan 21 (Sat)

We finally pull up stakes, empty our tanks (black and gray and nothing goes astray), and head home. The weather is typically drizzly and we have to wait an hour for the ferry.

But we’re in Harvey, so our wait is warm and cozy and lots of reading gets done.

We arrive late in the afternoon to our cat, Frankie, lounging around letting us know that he totally protected our home from invading rats.

Gone? You were gone?

We deem Harvey (and us) ready for our next adventure in February: Where’s the Warm?

Gini & Robert

Harvey Staff

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