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Trying to get clean in Fairview

May 21, 2022 (Sat)

We can tell we’ve been on the road long enough because all we want to do is get to the next RV Park and take a nap. We have reached the aft end of the trip and we’re starting to glaze over and thoughts of home are taking over our brains. Or what’s left of our brains.

Be especially grateful that you’re not privy to what our conversations in Harvey are like.

“I just spilled chocolate all over my shorts!”

“Eh, it’ll blend in.”

11:00 am Eugene

Because we came in late last night (the Day of the Vortex ), we never met the people who run this particular RV camp. According to their literature, they carved it out of 10 acres of wilderness using the latest in RV Camp science to make a perfect utopia for Tin Can Tourists.

And the Wi-Fi actually works! This is one of the few places where the signal was strong and reliable and we could read about the monkeypox and provide lots of fuel for our nightmares. Plus we could post the trip log without having to add to the coffers of Starbucks.

Which is to say, it would have been nice to meet the folks who created this Wi-Fi utopia, but apparently, they don’t work on weekends (which this is, we eventually realized). Mostly we’re annoyed because we slept in a bit and really hustled to make sure we were out of our campsite by 11:00 am (“They have our credit card!” said Robert, “They could charge a trip to Aruba if we’re not out on time!”).

Ah well, we know we made it in time.

12:00 pm Linn County

Linn County proudly proclaims itself, “Grass Seed Capitol of the World” (and really, they might as well extend it to the Galaxy, we we’re pretty sure that Arcturus can’t begin to compare to the Willamette Valley in its grass growing prowess).

In practical terms, this means that we pass a lot of fields of crops that are grass. Farmers raise lawns and then harvest them. This isn’t quite as picturesque as you might think, because they don’t mow their crops. Right now, one of their crops has gone to white flower, so it looks like the hillsides are covered in white, fluffy snow.

The weather is slowly returning to normal for us: 63 degrees and sunny.

2:00 pm Fairview

Serious thought was given to just blowing past Portland making a run for home (we’re about three hours from home). Two things prevented us from doing so:

  1. We’ve already paid for this spot ($80, which is a little high, but we’re a mere 15 miles northeast of Portland)

  2. We’re having to prop our eyelids up with toothpicks, we’re so tired.

Almost as soon as we stop, Robert lies down on the couch and drops off.

Our campsite in Fairview--RV's as far as the eye can see!

Gini meanwhile decides that this would be a splendid time to go do some laundry. We’re on the verge of having to do repeats with our clothing and, as much as we love each other, our love is even better when our clothing is fresh. Gini’s got a clothesline, clothes pins, laundry sack and is off to the in-Park laundromat (most parks have them). When she gets there, she discovers that they do not sell laundry soap(!). Really. This seems strange to us, as this is a well-known income stream for laundromats—they charge you a couple of bucks for a cup of detergent and you pay. Looks like we’ll be repurposing those clothes pins for our noses…

Camping in Harvey is timeless

Tomorrow: Homeward Bound!

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