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Storing Harvey

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Mon, Jan 31, 2022

We got to thinking that Harvey, who we already have a deposit on, will need a place to live once we rescue him from the wilds of Eugene, Oregon.

Although we live in a community of mobile homes (not a Trailer Park!), there appear to be rules about bringing in littler trailers (or RVs). We haven't seen a single RV parked anywhere among the 100 or so homes here, and we don't want to be the first to discover that there's a Rule. Although we own the mobile home, we only rent the land, so we are not masters of our own fate.

This is a place where if somebody complains about a tree blocking the sun, it gets taken down (see video)

The offending tree is removed (view from our front room window)

All of which is to say that we need to find a place to stash Harvey!

Some on-line research reveals that most RV storage in the area is in the neighborhood of $300 to $400 (a month!). That's almost as much as our rent.

Gini does Gini, which means she writes down phone numbers she sees on businessess we drive by and calls them.

On her third phone call: "Oh, yes--there's someone who said they're leaving today. Check back this afternoon to see if they do!"

Gini calls back, they did, in fact, move out. Price? $113 a month for uncovered outdoor storage!(!).

Best of all, it's about two miles from us--and right next to CostCo for easy provisioning! (As long as we need a palette of toilet paper...)

Gini & Robert

Harvey (Almost) Owners

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