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Dinosaurs on the ridge

February 26, 2024 (Mon)

This Trip Log is going to have a lot of pictures in it, because we found a place that needs a lot of pictures to properly convey what it’s about. We’ll try to keep the text to a minimum to compensate.


If you want more details on the pictures, head to our website ( where the pictures are all full resolution.


10:30 am Dana Point, CA

It’s starting to rain, and we do not like to drive in the rain, so we quickly gather up our stuff from where it’s been scattered all about Larry & Lorna’s house. We toss it into Harvey and peel out of there, hoping to beat the worst of the rain.


This time we decide to take the Ortega Highway northern route to Borrego Springs. Yes, we’re heading back to Borrego Springs. We decided we liked that RV Camp, so we book an extra three weeks there. It’s sunny, warm, and beautiful while back home in Woodinville, we’re reading about snow, rain and overcast skies.


We’re hoping that this route will be less hilly than the way we came over a few days ago.


1:00 pm Lake Elsinore

Nope, just as hilly but Gini has learned to just close her eyes and grip the door handle (Robert calls it the “Jesus bar”). This makes windy roads quite bearable.


Our research reveals that these are (probably) the Santa Ana Mountains (and holy cow—our research reveals that California has a boatload of mountain ranges!). They are just as hilly as the other mountains we drove through (although, really, these are steep hills compared to the Cascades, but they are sure twisty).


We are very happy to end up in Lake Elsinore where the ground is flat for a change. Whew!


2:00 pm Aguanda, CA (and back on the twisty roads on the way to Warner Springs where Gini’s tax gal lives)


“What in the heck was that?” We exclaim together.


“We need to turn around and go back and take a better look,” says Gini.


We go back and discover this wonderland of giant (and small) metal sculptures.

One of our favorites: The World versus Covid—still a tie!

The art gallery—really a huge collection of metal sculptures


We gladly pay the ten bucks a head, grab our phone cameras and start getting amazed!


Spidey just hanging around ready to shoot some web


We found bigfoot!

Dinosaurs on the ridge

Latest artwork in progress, showing a bit of how they go together


A band of commas?

A T-Rex kind of dinosaur, but with a fin on the back (a dimetrodon/T. Rex hybrid?)

Apes, dragons, dinosaurs—what you usually see in an art gallery


The T. Rex would like a word with you


Perseus! After slaying Medusa (he’s got the gorgon’s head in one hand—carefully pointed away from his face). That’s Pegasus the winged horse behind him. Classical art!


Just a run-of-the-mill demon


Dinosaurs on a hill


This amazing larger-than-life stagecoach


Space aliens!


A feathered dinosaur (and it’s possible that some of them looked like this)


An overview of about half the sculpture park—this place is yuge!  


Who doesn’t get tired of giant T. Rex sculptures? Not us!


Ironman, standing about eight feet tall


An alien, who is, of course, facing a Predator sculpture


A couple of Transformers


The amazing, slightly deformed, Hulk™


Zorro! (You can tell it’s Zorro, because he’s got a mask on.)




Witches chasing each other


Operators are standing by!


Whew! That was a lot. We talked to some of the guys working there, who say that there’s about ten workers there. A mid-size sculpture goes for $5,000 and each of the larger ones takes about three weeks to complete.


Gini asks if the metal sculptures seen through out Borrego are from here and the answer is “Yes!”


You can check out the artist’s website, but it’s not terribly useful or informative:




Day 13 Travel


Our travel on Day 13 (Mon)





February 27, 2024 (Tue)

After yesterday’s extravaganza, we took it easy today. It seems like any time we travel a couple of hundred miles, we need a day off to recuperate.


Gini about to order a strawberry margarita as part of our regime to stay hydrated.



We see some of Ricardo’s sculptures outside a shop in Borrego Springs., “Oh, these are the smaller ones,” we sniff.



Day 14 Travel


Our travel on Day 14 (Tue)




Gini & Robert                                                                                

Harvey Staff


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