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A Chinook RV in Chinook WA

Thu, May 12, 2022

Our next adventure! We figured since we did a two night adventure (and a couple of one nighters), we might as well jump into a 10 day trip! What could go wrong? It’s just one night over and over again, right? This time, we’re headed down the Pacific Coast (Highway 101 for the Geography buffs) all the way to sunny frigid San Francisco. And it’s not quite as random as it looks. Gini has insisted that we actually have a place to stay every night (“It’s an RV—we can stay at WalMart parking lots, as long as we don’t mind the neighbors...and you know what, let’s plan ahead!”). Why San Francisco? Well, our friend Keith Knight (cartoonist, rapper, and soon to be Doctor, so he can get those sweet prescriptions for everybody) has a TV show on Hulu called Woke, which is pretty funny and based on his life (just like his comics). And there’s a Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and they’re doing a Woke exhibit and it was just too sweet to pass up. Welcome to the Woke tour!

1:00 pm

Which starts out a bit slowly, as one of us stayed up until 1:30 am looking at photos. (And no, it wasn’t those kind of pictures, it was baby pictures!) So 50% of us were a little brown around the edges and slow moving and taking a while to get things together. But we eventually did and we took off! Only to immediately encounter a flying chicken on the first turn. As it happens, it’s really important to make sure that the door to the refrigerator is secure before letting Robert whip around a corner or two. If you don’t, a CostCo size chicken (and those are hefty birds) is likely to come sailing out of the refrigerator and make a small dent in the cabinet. With chicken (and refrigerator door) secure, we take off!

1:30 pm

Except first we have an errand to take care of, involving dropping off a car on Capitol Hill in Seattle, so Robert is driving Harvey while Gini is driving her car and, yes, Gini drives like a grandma careful considerate driver. When we get there, we do one of those telepathic things that married couples can do. Gini stops in the middle of the street near our destination and Robert notices that there’s a parking space where Harvey could fit right there. So Robert intuitively understands that Gini wants him to park there and she’ll come back and jump into Harvey after dropping off her car. Except when she doesn’t show up for ten minutes, Robert thinks maybe he had a tinfoil hat on and takes off, hoping to figure out where Gini got to. This is almost exactly the same moment that Gini walks up behind Harvey and is reaching for the door. (See! There’s that married person telepathy in action!) Gini calls a very confused Robert and guides him back, in the course of which Robert discovers that Harvey does not care for those little bitty roundabouts they have on Capitol Hill, but the alleyways are sure handy. All’s well that ends with us on the road in traffic jams and pouring rain for a couple of hours.

Other Highlights

  • Gini drove Harvey for an entire hour! With wind and rain and everything.

  • We stopped for gas in some teeny town east of Olympia and the price was about the same as CostCo. Kind of out of the way, though. But they did have a thrift store called Fun Junk.

  • Tuning an autoharp on a bumpy road doesn’t work very well (Gini was not driving at the time).

  • We’re a Chinook RV in Chinook, Washington! We stopped at this teeny town, just to get a picture in front of the town sign, but there wasn’t one, so we got a picture in front of the town store instead.

A Chinook in Chinook!

7:30 pm

Happy Campers!

We finally pull into Warrenton, OR at the Kampers West RV Park which Robert picked because they answered the phone. Dinner is Warrenton’s finest Thai food, which is about as good as you’d expect. We’re so hungry, we’re almost done with it before we realize that it’s not very good. Also, Warrenton is the only place on the mainland United States that the Japanese shelled us (a submarine). We hope to find out more about this tomorrow.

Gini & Robert Harvey’s staff

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